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United Internet for UNICEF

As a successful telecommunications company, 1&1 sees itself as part of society and takes the responsibility that goes with this. Our corporate social responsibility activities revolve around our United Internet for UNICEF foundation.

Under the umbrella of the United Internet Group, 1&1 works together with its customers to implement the goals set by UNICEF – the United Nations’ Children’s Fund. For over 15 years, United Internet for UNICEF has successfully supported projects around the world with the aim of improving children’s welfare in crisis regions.

Until today, the foundation reached the impressive milestone of € 70 million in donations raised, contributing to UNICEF’s fight to eradicate hunger and poverty.

The Foundation’s Success is Down to You

The main reason why United Internet for UNICEF can do so much good is down to you – the users of GMX, WEB.DE, 1&1, and IONOS – and your donations. We would like to thank you warmly for this. You help us to give children in crisis-hit and less-developed countries a better life.

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United Internet for Unicef

The foundation has been successfully supporting UNICEF projects since 2006.

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