As a leading telecommunications provider 1&1 offers a comprehensive portfolio of broadband connections and mobile tariffs, plus attractive value-added applications such as smart home solutions, IPTV, video on demand, and online storage.

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More than 12 Million Mobile Customers

1&1 offers its mobile customers innovative products with attractive price-performance ratios and excellent service. In addition, the discount brands from Drillisch Online GmbH are targeted at customers for whom the best possible price is the key factor.

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Nationwide Broadband Offering

1&1’s high-performance broadband offerings – and particularly its VDSL/vectoring and fiber optic connections – make it one of Germany’s leading providers with more than four million customer contracts. The quality of our fixed network products is regularly demonstrated by the “best network” accolade from the prestigious “connect Festnetztest” comparison.

Flächendeckendes Breitband-Angebot

Our 1&1 5G Network

The fourth German mobile network has been fully operational since December 2023. To make a difference, 1&1 operates Europe’s first fully virtualized mobile network based on the new Open RAN technology — cloud-native, independent of dominant manufacturers from China and ready for real-time applications!

Erfolgreiche Teilnahme an 5G-Auktion


Executive Board of 1&1 AG

Ralph Dommermuth


Born in: 1963

Nationality: German


Ralph Dommermuth


In 1988, Ralph Dommermuth, born in 1963, founded 1&1 EDV Marketing GmbH, the company that was to grow into what is today United Internet AG. His initial business was the provision of systematised marketing services to small software providers. He later developed additional marketing services for large customers such as IBM, Compaq and Deutsche Telekom. When acceptance of the internet began to accelerate, Ralph Dommermuth gradually cut back on these marketing services for third parties and began to build up his own internet services and direct customer relationships. In 1998, the trained banker managed the IPO of 1&1, which was the first internet company on the Frankfurt stock exchange. In 2000, Ralph Dommermuth restructured 1&1 into United Internet AG and developed the company into one of the leading internet specialists in Europe. Mr Dommermuth has also been Chief Executive Officer of 1&1 AG since 1 January 2018.

Markus Huhn


Born in: 1968

Nationality: German


Markus Huhn


began his professional career in financial controlling at DLW Group in 1990; he simultaneously enrolled in advanced training courses and obtained certification in business administration from an academy of administration and economics (VWA). In July 1994, he moved to 1&1 Holding GmbH to become financial controller. From 1998 to 2007, he was commercial director of 1&1 Internet AG and guided the corporation's growth strategy. Markus Huhn held the position of CFO at 1&1 Internet in the time between 2008 and 2012, and in this role he guided the business sectors Access and Business and Consumer Applications. He has been a member of the 1&1 Telecommunication SE Management Board since 2013 and is head of the division Finances for the business unit Access. He has been a member of the 1&1 AG Management Board since 1 July 2019. He was appointed to the Management Board of United Internet AG in April 2023 and is responsible for the Shared Services segment.

Alessandro Nava


Born in: 1972

Nationality: German


Alessandro Nava


studied business administration at Heinrich-Heine-University in Düsseldorf, earning a degree as a certified merchant (Dipl.-Kaufmann) with a special focus on marketing and financial controlling in 1997. Mr Nava began his professional career as a consultant for KPMG Consulting GmbH. As of 2000, he held the position of senior head of department, initially in landline and later in combined landline/mobile services business, at Vodafone Germany (Vodafone GmbH). His progress took him through several different business sections of the company; for instance, he was in charge of IT requirements management & business analysis, customer care and product development and was responsible for the online platforms. Following the merger of the landline and mobile services business, Mr Nava was in charge of the company's IT development as well as other areas. Since March 2014, Mr Nava has been the head of the division «Technology and Development» (CIO) at 1&1 Telecommunications SE. Since September 2018, he has been in charge of the division «Product Management». He has been a member of the Management Board of 1&1 AG (COO) since 1 July 2019.

Executive Board of 1&1 Telecommunication SE

Alessandro Nava


Christian Bockelt

Director Technology & Development

Cretièn Brandsma

Director Customer Management

Sascha D’Avis

Director Finance

Dr Pascal Grieder

Director Product Management and Online Marketing

Thomas Henkel

Director Operations & Customer Care

Markus Huhn

Director Human Resources

Michael Martin

Director Mobile Radio Network

Supervisory Board of 1&1 AG

Kurt Dobitsch

Chairman of the Board

Markt Schwaben, Germany

Born in: 1954

Nationality: Austria

Norbert Lang

Deputy Chairman of the Board

Waldbrunn, Lahr, Germany

Born in: 1961

Nationality: German

Matthias Baldermann

Member of the Board

Dresden, Germany

Born in: 1965

Nationality: German

Vlasios Choulidis

Member of the Board

Gelnhausen, Germany

Born in: 1958

Nationality: German

Friedrich Joussen

Member of the Board

Düsseldorf, Germany

Born in: 1963

Nationality: German

Christine Schöneweis

Member of the Board

Schriesheim, Germany

Born in: 1976

Nationality: German



A major milestone for 1&1 and the German mobile market: Germany has four mobile networks again! In December 1&1 also activated mobile services on its new network. This means that the 1&1 5G network is fully functional and can also be used on the move with smartphones and tablets.

To make a difference, 1&1 operates Europe’s first fully virtualized mobile network based on the new Open RAN technology - cloud-native, independent of dominant manufacturers from China and ready for real-time applications!

1&1 has built up a strong partner network for the construction of Europe's first fully virtualized OpenRAN. The first antennas and data centers of the new 1&1 mobile network are in place and the first friendly user tests under real conditions prove the predicted top performance:

Speeds of over 1 gigabit per second, latency times of just 3ms (for example for gaming applications in the EDGE cloud), and stable data transfers of around 8 terrabytes per customer within 24 hours. With "5G at home", the first service in the 1&1 Open RAN - a 5G fixed wireless access product realized via mobile communications - was launched in December.

1&1 concludes a national roaming agreement with Telefónica and can thus already offer its customers nationwide wireless connections during the roll-out phase of its 5G mobile network. In addition, 1&1 expands its presence in sports sponsorship and becomes a partner of the Formula 1 team Haas F1 and wins Mick Schumacher as a 1&1 brand ambassador.

1&1 Drillisch AG has been operating under the name 1&1 AG since June.

1&1 becomes the main and shirt sponsor of Bundesliga soccer team Borussia Dortmund. Together with BVB, 1&1 creates and produces new, creative social media formats.

The 1&1 Service Card is launched as an extension of the 1&1 Principle and now also offers a priority hotline. This year, 1&1 also wins connect Festnetztest.

1&1 successfully participates in the 5G frequency auction, laying the foundation for the construction of a high-performance mobile network. The aim is to build Germany's most advanced 5G network - fully virtualized and based on OpenRAN technology.

1&1 continues to expand its partnerships with municipal network operators and launches the marketing of fiber-optic home connections. This enables 1&1 to provide Internet bandwidths of up to 1,000 MBit/s for downloads.

1&1 is expanding its service offering with the 1&1 Exchange Service: In the event of damage, customers receive a new smartphone within just 24 hours. In addition to the usual device warranty, this also applies to self-inflicted damage such as display breakage or water damage. This is unique in the industry!

1&1 Telecommunication SE and Drillisch AG jointly form a strong fourth force in the German telecommunications market - today's 1&1 AG - which now includes the discount brands of Drillisch Online in addition to 1&1.

1&1 again wins the prestigious connect Festnetztest.

1&1 Internet SE splits into two business units: 1&1 Telecommunication SE, which continues to operate the Consumer Access business (DSL & mobile communications), and the internationally active Business Applications business unit with the current IONOS brand for hosting and cloud service.

United Internet AG increases its stake in fiber-optic network operator Tele Columbus to 25.1 percent, making it the company's largest shareholder.

1&1 is part of the "Wir zusammen" initiative and supports refugees in starting their careers

From now on, 1&1 is also offering DSL rates for business customers. Small businesses, the self-employed and freelancers can now choose between different 1&1 business rates.

1&1 wins the prestigious connect Festnetztest for the first time and is the only provider to receive the grade very good.

1&1 also inaugurates its new logistics center in Montabaur. Around ten million shipments can be processed here every year.

With the takeover of leading fiber-optic provider Versatel by United Internet AG, 1&1 gains direct access to one of Germany's largest fiber-optic networks. Versatel becomes 1&1 Versatel shortly afterwards.

1&1 celebrates its 25th anniversary!

In this year, 1&1 agrees to cooperate with E-Plus Group (now Telefónica Deutschland) on mobile services. Through a so-called MVNO agreement, 1&1 gains access to Telefónica network capacities and can use them for its own services and applications.

United Internet AG, which also includes 1&1, acquires a strategic stake of 25.1 percent in the fiber-optic provider and telecommunications specialist for corporate customers - Versatel.

With the launch of the 1&1 Principle, 1&1 offers new and existing customers clear performance promises and continues its quality drive in DSL and mobile communications.

1&1 and Vodafone sign Germany's first MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) contract. This enables 1&1 to offer its own mobile Internet rates based on the Vodafone network.

The 1&1 mobile offering with the innovative All-Net-Flat for calls to the German fixed network, SMS and mobile Internet is launched.

1&1 takes over the DSL business of freenet AG and migrates around 700,000 former freenet DSL contracts.

Marcell D'Avis becomes the face of the 1&1 quality offensive as Head of Customer Satisfaction. At this point, he has already been working at 1&1 for 16 years and is responsible for 1&1 service quality.

At CeBIT 2008, 1&1 presents the 1&1 MediaCenter, laying the foundation for today's portfolio of attractive value-added applications. For the first time, online content can be combined with the customer's own content in their own living room - and at a price suitable for the mass market.

1&1 and Deutsche Telekom also sign a cooperation agreement for high-speed VDSL.

1&1 offers complete DSL packages for surfing and telephony without a Deutsche Telekom connection for the first time.

Ralph Dommermuth establishes the "United Internet for UNICEF" foundation. Together with its customers, 1&1 has since been actively committed to the goals of UNICEF - the United Nations Children's Fund.

1&1 launches the first flat rate for DSL telephony in Germany. Over the course of the year, similar rates are introduced by all German DSL providers. This year sees the breakthrough of DSL telephony. This is also reflected in the number of contracts at 1&1: While half a million DSL telephony numbers were activated in August 2005, this figure had already risen to more than one million by December.

1&1 enters the German DSL market. Four years later, 1&1 announces its entry into DSL telephony via Voice over IP at CeBIT 2004 and launches an innovation offensive. In addition, 1&1 concludes a DSL resale agreement for Bitstream Access with Deutsche Telekom. A few months later, 1&1 launches 1&1 DSL Plus, making DSL connections and DSL data traffic available from a single source at 1&1 for the first time.

The first 1&1 data center goes into operation in Karlsruhe.

In March 1998, 1&1 becomes the first Internet company to be listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. The listed company 1&1 AG & CO. KGaA is renamed United Internet AG in 2000 and, as a holding company, forms the umbrella for 17 independent affiliated companies. Internet connections continue to be provided via the already established 1&1 brand.

The blue 1&1 cube becomes 1&1's distinctive brand image.

1&1 launches its own Internet access service, competing with T-Online for the first time.

In cooperation with the Federal Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications, 1&1 positions T-Online (then still BTX) as a universal and modern online service. Millions of PC users have their first online experience with 1&1 and T-Online becomes the largest online service in Europe.

1&1 enters teletext and ISDN marketing.

As it continues to develop its marketing services, 1&1's customers now include the German Federal Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications. Via teletext or ISDN connection, the PC becomes a universal terminal device. 1&1 also works for leading ICT companies such as IBM, Apple and Microsoft.

Ralph Dommermuth lays the foundation for today's 1&1 AG by founding 1&1 EDV-Marketing GmbH in Montabaur. In its early days, the company offers systematized marketing services to IT companies and software developers.

Social Commitment

As a successful telecommunications company, 1&1 sees itself as part of society and takes the responsibility that goes with this. Our corporate social responsibility activities revolve around our United Internet for UNICEF foundation.

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soziales engagement


Doing business sustainably is a part of what 1&1 does every day. Our goal is to be a pioneer in this area as well.

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Sports Sponsoring

As a sponsor of the Bundesliga soccer club Borussia Dortmund, 1&1 has a strong top-class sports partner.

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Protection of the environmental and climate

As a leading German telecommunications specialist, we see our role as building bridges to a positive, sustainable digital future.

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Umwelt- und Klimaschutz